Important Notices(About Sea Fucoidan Store Global Account)

Sea Fucoidan Store Global will be reborn as "Sea Fucoidan Official Store" from 1/24/2022.
The Sea Fucoidan Store site will close in 3/24/2022 11:59pm (Japan time).

In order to continue using the services of the Sea Fucoidan Store after 3/24/2022, you will need to transfer to the Sea Fucoidan Official Store.

Changes about Sea Fucoidan Store Global

Old Site
New Site

Customers who currently have a Sea Fucoidan Store Global account

We will send an invitation email to the new site at your registered email address. The transfer is completed by setting a password from the link in the email you received. (Email invitations will be sent as needed starting January 24.)

  • ♪ You will receive $ 20 worth of points as a transfer benefit point.
  • ♪ Please note that your points from the old site will not be transferred to the new site.
  • ♪ For privacy protection, only your name, phone number and email address are registered on the new site. We apologize for the inconvenience, please enter your shipping address when you place your first order.

【Important】 If you register your account directly without transferring from the invitation email, you will not be able to receive the transfer benefits ($ 20 points).

If you have registered your account directly on the new site, please contact us. (If you can confirm your account on the old site, you will receive a transition benefit)

* If you have not received the invitation email, please contact us.

Customers who do not have a Sea Fucoidan Store Global account

Please click to the new site below and register for an account.

♪ Newly registered customers will receive $ 5 worth of points.