Challenge to the limitThe Highly-Pure Fucoidan


Extracted from 100%
MOZUKU Seaweed in Kingdom Tonga

The Best Performance in the World
"100% Fucoidan" raw material

Know that excipients are used in common capsule-type supplements? Excipients are "additives" that can be added to a powder form of a useful ingredient to make it easier to fill the capsule.
Therefore, the capsule / tablet type supplements on the market do not have 100% full of the useful ingredients per capsule!

We have tested many times trying to fill only 100% of the raw materials without adding any excipients.
Our belief is that as a company providing high content and high purity fucoidan products, we can help people consume fucoidan more efficiently.

Over theTopRealized the Best Performance


As a result of the repeated challenges to the "100% raw material filling barrier" since the conception of the product, we have finally created the world's only "100% Fucoidan Capsule" filled only with fucoidan ingredients.

T-Fucoidan100 has a content of 200mg.

Every single capsule is a whole fucoidan.

The sulfate group in T-Fucoidan100
the key factor

The rate of binding of sulfate groups is an important factor in selecting fucoidan.

Our research confirms that stable formation of more than 13% sulfate groups in the molecular structure of fucoidan is important for fucoidan to function.


Fucose content

45%or more


Sulfate bond content

13%or more

By extracting fucoidan using our proprietary patented manufacturing method, we are able to stably maintain more than 13% of sulfate groups.

T-Fucoidan100 is a high molecular weight fucoidan of about 500,000.

TFucoidan100 molecular

Fucoidan with a molecular weight of 500,000

T-Fucoidan100 is a high molecular weight fucoidan with a molecular weight of 500,000, so it protects the gastric mucosa and reaches the intestinal tract directly, and it is also expected to enhance intestinal immunity.

The content and composition of fucoidan varies depending on the type of seaweed, growing environment, and extraction method.

The usefulness of the slimy ingredient "fucoidan" is indicated by its "high molecular weight" and "high sulfate bonding content".

Mozuku from the Kingdom of Tonga without environmental pollution.

T-Fucoidan100 is made from natural mozuku from the Kingdom of Tonga, which is free of heavy metals and marine pollution. The mozuku are carefully collected by hand by divers without the use of machines. Natural Tongan mozuku seaweed is grown in an environment with good water quality and plenty of sun. By removing arsenic from fucoidan through a proprietary extraction method, we are able to provide "high content, high quality, and safe" fucoidan.

T-Fucoidan100 is white in color unlike other fucoidan powders so far.

White Capsule

the whiteness of the capsule powder is proof of its high purity !

Ordinary fucoidan powder is dark brown in color. This is because it contains pigments from seaweed other than fucoidan. The white powder is a proof of "pure fucoidan" from which extra substances such as pigments have been removed.

TFucoidan100 molecular


TFucoidan100 molecular

Fucoidan from other company

TFucoidan100 molecular

It's OK if you don't like the smell and taste of seaweed !

Tasteless & Odorless

You can drink it, even if you don't like the smell and flavor of seaweed because T-Fucoidan100 is purely fucoidan only extracted.


Reliable backing is proof of authenticity


GMP certified factory

T-Fucoidan100 is manufactured in a GMP certified factory where proper manufacturing and quality control are in place throughout the entire process from raw materials to the final product.


Joint research with Kyushu University

Joint research on "functional ingredients" contained in Mozuku from Tonga was conducted with "Kyushu University Agricultural Research Institute".


JFRLJapan Food Research Laboratories

The safety of T-Fucoidan100 has been confirmed by JFRL.

Example of confirmation details

  • Confirmed that radioactive materials were below the standard value.
  • Confirmed that arsenic and toxic heavy metals were below the standard values.


The Best Performance in the World"100% Fucoidan" raw material

High-purity, High-quality, Polymer fucoidan and Safe


Made in a GMP certified factory


Polymer fucoidan (molecular weight 500,000)


Sulfate group bonding rate13% or more


Fucose content45% or more


IngredientsMozuku from Tonga


Safety standardsCleared

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$19,694.00 TWD
$19,694.00 TWD

Product Info

Details 상세 詳情
·Made in Japan
·Inner Capacity : 120 tablets
·일본 제
·내용량 : 120 마리
Raw Materials 원자재 原材料
Fucoidan powder, HPMC (capsule) Fucoidan powder, HPMC (capsule) Fucoidan powder, HPMC (capsule)
Directions 드시는 방법 使用方法
Please take about 4-12 tablets daily on an empty stomach. 1 일 4-12 마리 정도를 공복에 드세요. Please take about 4-12 tablets daily on an empty stomach.